How to survive the Christmas break now it’s your turn to party!

hot tea by the fire

Working in the events and hospitality industry has many plus points but the crazy busy Christmas season is probably not one of them (well not after you’ve worked a few!). I don’t know about you but watching other people getting drunk and dancing their socks off until the small hours whilst you’re stone cold sober is not my favourite pastime! I must admit you do get to see some of the best (and worst!) festive fashion looks and be smugly proud you’re not the drunk one in the middle of the dancefloor thinking you’re the next Beyoncé! The 3 or 4 weeks of enduring this night after night does take its toll and by the time the 25th December comes around the smell of Turkey cooking and the dulcet tones of Mr Christmas himself, Michael Bublé, is enough to turn you into the Grinch (talking of which, who’s seen the new movie?). Well, don’t fret, I’m on hand to help you survive the Christmas break and make the most of your turn to party!

First things first… REST

You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t need to rest after a busy run of Christmas events. It’s not rocket science so first of all give yourself a day to do nothing other than chill on the sofa, drinking hot chocolate and eating whatever you like (the number of miles you will have walked over the Christmas party season means you more than deserve all your advent calendar chocolates in one go!) Whilst indulging I recommend a Netflix marathon of back to back Christmas films to get you in the spirit; personally, I would go for an opener of Elf to get you giggling followed by a winter warmer of Love Actually to make you feel all cosy and festive, finishing with the ultimate Christmas classic – Home Alone. Top it all off with an at home pedicure to repair those battered feet. Now if that doesn’t make you feel refreshed and festive, I’d give up now!

Get yourself organised

There’s nothing worse than realising everyone else has not only finished their Christmas shopping but wrapped everything, sent their Christmas cards and baked their Christmas cake, when you haven’t even thought about starting your shopping.

Don’t fret, the online world can easily get you out of this pickle! Start buy getting your food order sorted, you can’t go wrong with a bit of M&S food, plus the Golden Shimmer Christmas cake is definitely passable as a homemade cake! Winner!

Christmas cards… who actually sends Christmas cards anymore? Ok so Grandma and Aunty Doris maybe… I say bring everyone into the 21st century and send a good old e-card. Paperless POST has a great range, meaning you don’t have to sit for hours handwriting cards and envelopes just to forget to buy stamps and post them in time for Christmas delivery! (Yes, I am speaking from experience!). If Grandma and Aunty Doris don’t have email addresses, then a quick phone call will fix that dilemma!

Now for present shopping… I have to be honest a day of actually going to the shops does get me in the Christmas spirit but if you’re schedule and your tired feet just won’t allow it then ASOS really does provide a one stop shop for most Christmas presents and they offer next day delivery! If all else fails, then the supermarket superstores do a great range of gift vouchers these days! (Lazy I know but needs must!).

Leave Christmas Day to someone else

Now that’s all sorted it’s your turn to have fun. Rule number one – DO NOT HOST! The last thing you need after a month of planning and running everyone else’s celebrations is to be hosting your own family get together… Trust me, I know it’s tricky to let someone else be in control but believe me it’s worth it! Just be sure not to arrive empty handed… cue your ‘homemade’ Christmas cake (shhhhh no one will know if you take it out of the box) and a nice big bottle of Baileys (which is totally acceptable to drink at 9am!).

Party time!

Family time done, now time to really let your hair down and be the guest we all hate in December; the one that won’t leave the party once it’s over and declares their love for everyone as they make their rather embarrassing exit. Over to the Smart Group who are offering tickets to the best party in town; Hospitality Rocks! Designed and dedicated to people in the hospitality, catering and events industry the night never fails to disappoint filled and fuelled with copious amounts of food, drink and entertainment it’s the perfect way to let your hair down and unwind.  Get your tickets quick to ensure you don’t miss out.

So enough from me, I’m confident my tips will help you survive the Christmas break and make the most of your turn to party. Have you got any more tips to share with our industry friends?