Royal Blue or Baby Pink?


With the arrival of the next royal baby imminent it has got me thinking about the latest celebration craze of gender reveal parties. Another excuse for a party? No harm in that! Or a new take on the baby shower? I guess you don’t know what you’d do until you are in the situation yourself but I’ve always imagined I would want to keep my future baby’s gender a surprise. That said with the new trend of gender revel parties – I wouldn’t want to miss out on another excuse to celebrate!

Whilst Meghan and Harry haven’t announced the gender of the baby, it doesn’t mean to say they don’t know. Meghan seems to like to buck the Royal trend (I hear she’s potentially not going to present the royal baby on the steps of the hospital hours after birth – shock!) so I am inclined to think they actually don’t know the gender of their offspring. Her lavish baby shower was much publicised in the press so had she had a gender reveal party I reckon it would have been an occasion to remember!

Gender reveal parties are more inclusive than their counterpart ‘the baby shower’ involving both mum and dad and all friends, not just the ladies. The gender can be revealed to just the guests meaning mum and dad already know the gender of their baby or the more exciting version where the mum and dad are also surprised during the party! You just have to hope they didn’t have their heart set on a certain sex otherwise it could potentially be a disaster – awks! Let’s explore some of the ways the reveal can be made…

Mmmmmm, Cake!

Arguably the original way to reveal the surprise and possibly the only way absolutely no one knows the result (apart from the baker of course!). Plenty of cake makers have hopped on to this bandwagon and will offer a secret service, you just need to post the ultrasound scan result to them! They then create bespoke cakes with a blue or pink centre hidden within a neutrally decorated cake, Hummingbird Bakery would not disappoint! Mum and Dad then take centre stage to cut the cake and reveal if they will be buying pink or blue baby clothes! Or your opt for Lola’s filled, coloured cupcakes to allow everyone to take bite at the same time to reveal the baby’s gender!


If cake isn’t your thing (FYI – we can’t be friends if you don’t like cake!) then you could opt for a somewhat more startling method of reveal, let’s hope mum-to-be doesn’t jump too much! A giant confetti cannon, individual party poppers or even popping a confetti filled balloon are all popular options. My friends over at Bubblegum balloons offer some fab options including a giant confetti filled balloon (the only problem being you have to pop the pretty balloon to find out) or a box filled with coloured balloons that float out on the cue of opening the box… no popping needed!

Less of a pop and more of a whack… you can get the whole group involved by rigging up an colour coded pinata to leak the surprise. Let your guests take a swipe at the hanging pinata and offer a prize the whack that makes the crack! Alternatively, just let mum and dad at it and its sure to burst quickly with their pent-up excitement!


Last but not least, you could opt to smoke out mum and dad (in a good way) by letting off smoke cannons with coloured smoke; when they open their eyes they are in a plume of pink or blue smoke! A fun way to reveal the surprise and a great photo op too!

Can you imagine Harry and Meghan doing this? I’m not sure I can. The cynic in me says this new craze is a pure social media stunt (maybe keep your eyes peeled on the Sussex’s new, record breaking Insta page) but the party girl in me says bring it on – the more reasons to party the better. I’d encourage Meghan to get on the bandwagon and buck the royal trend event more and get a gender reveal party booked in quick!!!!!

Would you find out your baby’s gender? Moreover, would you want someone else to know the answer before you?

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