The Future of Event Management: Buckle Up for AI Unicorns and VR Rollercoasters!

Forget confetti cannons and stale sandwiches, folks. The future of event management is blasting off to a whole new galaxy, fuelled by AI unicorns and VR rollercoasters (with zero nausea, promise!). So, ditch your dusty guest list spreadsheet and clipboard, and grab your VR headset, because we’re about to dive into the mind-blowing world of virtual events 2.0.

Remember when “virtual events” meant awkwardly staring at a PowerPoint in your pyjamas? Yeah, those days are as gone as dial-up internet (RIP AOL chatrooms). We’re talking about fully immersive experiences where you can dance with a holographic Michael Jackson impersonator, climb Mount Everest in your living room, or attend a cooking class led by a Michelin-starred robot chef (who hopefully won’t judge your burnt soufflé).

And who’s at the helm of this futuristic fiesta? Why, it’s none other than your trusted virtual party-planning pals, Eventify! We’ve been crafting mind-blowing virtual events for years, long before those AI-powered drones started serving hors d’oeuvres.

VR Event Software: Stepping Into The Metaverse

  1. VRChat: This free-to-use VR platform allows you to build custom worlds, host events, and interact with fellow attendees via avatars. Imagine attending a conference in a sprawling fantasy castle or a product launch on a floating city in the clouds. VRChat offers endless possibilities for creative event design and immersive experiences.
  2. This paid platform elevates VR meetings and collaboration to a whole new level. Imagine conducting brainstorming sessions in a virtual whiteboard room, giving presentations on a 3D stage, or hosting team-building games in a digital escape room. allows attendees to interact with objects, share screens, and work together seamlessly in a shared virtual space.
  3. Hopin: This all-in-one virtual event platform integrates VR functionalities, allowing you to incorporate VR worlds into your existing events. Imagine giving a keynote speech within a virtual replica of your office or showcasing your products by setting up interactive booths in a VR marketplace. Hopin bridges the gap between traditional virtual events and VR experiences, offering flexibility and accessibility.

AI Companies Powering Virtual Events:

  1. Accomplice: This AI-powered platform uses chatbots and personalized recommendations to improve engagement and networking at virtual events. Their virtual assistants answer questions, suggest relevant sessions, and connect attendees with similar interests, fostering a dynamic and productive environment.
  2. Swapcard: This event management platform integrates AI algorithms to personalize attendee journeys and optimize event logistics. Their AI assistant guides attendees through the event schedule, recommends sessions based on their interests, and even facilitates matchmaking for networking opportunities. Swapcard uses data analysis to continuously improve the event experience for everyone involved.
  3. Cvent: This leading event management software provider has introduced AI-powered features like sentiment analysis and real-time feedback tools. By analysing social media chatter and attendee responses, Cvent helps event organizers understand audience sentiment and adjust their program accordingly, ensuring the event stays relevant and engaging throughout.

But why go virtual, you ask?

  • You can host a global conference with attendees from Timbuktu to Tokyo, all without packing a single overpriced airport sandwich.
  • Want to recreate the Great Barrier Reef in your office basement? VR makes it happen, and the only sharks you’ll encounter are the friendly kind in the networking lounge.

And the best part? Creating unforgettable virtual events is easier than ever with Eventify by your side. We’re like the Gandalf to your Frodo (but with better fashion sense and less foot-related drama). We’ll guide you through every step, from choosing the right platform to making sure your attendees don’t get lost in the digital corn maze (that one was a client request… don’t judge).

Here’s a sneak peek at the special events that can be created:


  • VR experiences that’ll blow your socks off (metaphorically, of course): From virtual reality escape rooms to holographic concerts, we’ll create experiences that leave your attendees saying, “Whoa, my brain just melted and reformed in a way I didn’t think possible!” (In a good way, obviously).
  • Seamless live streaming and pre-recorded content: We’ll make sure your event runs smoother than a freshly greased roller coaster (without the screaming, hopefully). Whether you’re live-streaming a keynote speech or showcasing pre-recorded workshops, we’ll handle the tech so you can focus on dazzling your audience, including AI-powered voice-to-text so you never have to write another summary again!
  • Event management that feels like a spa day: No more spreadsheets and panic attacks. We’ll handle the logistics, the scheduling, the vendor wrangling, all while offering virtual back rubs and calming aromatherapy… okay, maybe not the last two, but the rest? We’ve got you covered.

So, are you ready to ditch the boring and embrace the breathtaking, AI-powered, VR-infused future of events? Get in touch with Eventify to discuss.

Still not convinced? We offer free consultations. So, come chat with our friendly event experts and see why Eventify is the only partner you need to make your next event the stuff of legends (or at least, a really good Instagram story).