Weddings; What not to do from a guest’s perspective


We have all been there – waiting in a hotel reception room, hungry and wondering when we can sit down. Don’t let this happen on your special day; keep your guests happy and not complaining. We have put together our top tips to ensure your wedding guests have NOTHING to complain about.

1. Feed them.
I think everyone has been to at least one wedding where they have had to continue their polite conversation with a distant relative, whilst their tummy groans away. This is an easy hurdle to get over by offering food in the drinks reception, remembering guests would have left their houses that morning with feeding themselves as their last priority. You can make it quirky by pairing the food with reception drinks such as mini burgers with mini pints, or mini margaritas with mini tacos.

2. Entertain them.
Of course you want your day to be the best of the bunch so keep your guests talking about your special day for months (or years!) to come by putting on a wedding to remember. We recommend starting the entertainment during the drinks reception, maybe a wandering acoustic band, singer or roaming magician? Everyone loves a Photobooth, but if you want to be different why not go for a gif booth so guests can boomerang the night away.
3. Ease their hangover.

Be a good friend and help your guests to not feel SO bad the next day by lining their stomachs throughout the whole celebration. Late night snacks are an easy way of ensuring you don’t have a very drunk work friend (awks!) on your hands at the end of the night. You can also use hangover kits as your favours so guests have something to soothe their heads the next morning.

4. Keep it simple.
By keeping your celebration in one venue, your day will be stress-free and will keep your guests relaxed throughout. Why not have it all and go from ceremony through to dancing the night away all in one location. No one will have to worry about giving Great Aunty Maureen a lift! Phew!
5. Save their feet.
It is highly likely that your female guests (and of course maybe some male!) will put fashion first and don their highest, and most painful, heels. Provide comfy shoes for dancing so guests can relax and dance the night away rather than painfully walking around like Bambi.