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Eventify specialises in event management, with years of experience within the industry delivering events in the UK and throughout the world; allowing us to offer bespoke event management consultancy for our clients. Event consulting companies like Eventify work with all the major stakeholders in the events industry, including venues, event suppliers, event companies, and professionals looking for help. We can help you to work more efficiently, introduce new processes and generally provide some great advice (including venue finding) without getting in the way and taking up your precious time! When consulting, our dedicated team understands the importance of following company standards to ensure we are offering the best advice to our clients. Our event consulting services include offering advice and recommendations, whilst also supporting the implementation of the necessary changes for areas such as agenda planning, event planning processes, event logistics, event marketing and on-site management, to name a few. So, whether it’s just involvement in one small part of the project or the entire planning process, Eventify is here to offer event management advice and strategic direction along with anything else you may need.

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Corporate event consulting is a great way to review and align your event processes, plans, and strategies. It’s a smarter way of working, and by utilising our event consulting services, we can help you understand how to best achieve your business goals, objectives, and ambitions. From years of experience working across all sectors of the events industry, we know how to utilise what’s already in place and offer some great advice to make improvements in a short amount of time. We are all about making sure you’re looking in the right place for new opportunities and implementing changes that will improve your events year on year. An event consulting agency like Eventify is key to the success of any business to ensure you are constantly moving in the right direction to expand your audience reach and keep your event guests coming back for more.

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Events We Consult For

As part of our corporate event consulting service, we work closely with you to understand your overall objectives as well as understanding your target audience and your brand, to help review ways of strengthening your event offering and ways of working more efficiently. Eventify is an event management consultancy that has helped a range of clients from across a wide scope of industries. For example an international business consultancy that is an existing client of Eventify, initially contacted us for full service event planning, required support on a large project to move all off-site events that are currently held in different hotels across Europe to one main business campus in mainland Europe. Eventify worked closely with various teams in the business to make this happen; including finding suitable venues, organising and attending site visits to ensure the spaces met the needs and expectations for the brand and the type of events the client holds, and liaising with the venue during the building process to ensure the client’s needs are met. We also took the lead on all contractual negotiations to form agreements for everything from the booking process and how events will be managed on the day. Whilst this was a large project, our event consulting services are available for projects of all shapes and sizes. We have previously worked with our clients to create bespoke event venue ‘guidebooks’ that provide a range of venue options within an agreed location, for staff members to use when booking events. It is a fantastic solution to ensure every event that a brand is hosting fits with their culture and business goals; another efficient way of using our corporate event consulting service.
Another event management consultancy example is a project we undertook for a technology firm that had similar training events coming up in various locations, so event logistics were key! Eventify organised site visits to ensure the spaces met the needs and expectations for each event, dealt with the venue and supplier contracts on behalf of the client to ensure the planning process was seamless, and put together a balanced and fun agenda to keep guests engaged as well as meet company targets during the event. To gauge the success of the event, we reviewed the responses via the feedback survey sent to all guests, and from the positive comments, we knew we had achieved what we set out to do, organise a fun and engaging training event that met our client’s company goals.

We Make Your Event Planning Easy and Hassle-Free!

At Eventify, we understand the importance of planning, organizing, and managing your next event. We provide a comprehensive range of event planning services that ensure your next event is a huge success. Whether it’s assistance with choosing a venue, through sourcing suppliers, we have the expertise to help you create a memorable experience for your guests.

We at Eventify understand how the smallest of touches can make the biggest impact and create a more memorable experience for your guests. Get in touch with us to find out how Eventify can help make your event special. Email us at enquiries@eventifyuk.com or give our friendly team a call on 0207 993 8481.

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