My Guide on how NOT to do Valentines.

bunch red roses

With February 14th looming I thought it would be useful to share my thoughts on how NOT to do Valentine’s Day. You may be thinking it strange of me to take a negative angle on such a happy occasion, however pleasing everyone in the same way is nigh on impossible  so these tips on what not to do will ensure you don’t find yourself single by February 15th… whoever your date is! Let me take you through some real-life blunders to ensure you avoid making the same mistakes!


Possibly the most awful mistake a date could make is exposing the apple of your eye to one of their allergens. I’ve heard a number of stories where this has happened, the worst example being a budding chef (well, a guy trying to impress with culinary prowess) feeding his date a menu featuring peanuts in a sauce, knowing but forgetting that said date has a peanut allergy…. Luckily her reaction wasn’t too bad!! On a slightly lesser scale a friend of mine who is allergic to cats was invited round a flat her date was house sitting, only to find they were also cat-sitting … swift exit for her!

Lesson #1… check your grand Valentines plans are not going to be detrimental to the health of your date, or at least have some antihistamines handy!


I can’t claim to have received many valentines’ gifts from secret admirers over the years (in fact this is possibly my only one) but if you are thinking of showering your Valentine with gifts this year then please, please check the gift is suitable. The most memorable gift I have ever received on Valentine’s Day (Sorry Hubby!) has got to be when I was at school, still with un-pierced ears, and my admirer bought me some earrings…Awkward!

Lesson #2… learn from my admirer’s mistake and if in doubt stick to a trusty bouquet of roses!


Luckily, I can’t claim any personal experience disasters on this one, but I have heard some horror stories of the worst date locations, it really makes me wonder what the guys were thinking! Now don’t get me wrong I’m all for equal rights but a friend of mine was whisked off to Nando’s (I know we all love a Nando’s but for a V day date, really?!) and if the location wasn’t basic enough, she had to pay! Not cool when he invited her! Another horror story I have heard which definitely trumps Nando’s is ending up in a Little Chef on the M4 of all places… I think a sandwich from an M&S service station would have been better, with a bag of Percy Pigs  (with Penny for the romantic twist!) thrown in of course! I mean what were they thinking?

Lesson #3… you don’t need to spend a fortune, or even go out, but don’t end up in the Little Chef!

Don’t Joke

You might think you’re being clever but its dangerous to joke on valentine’s day! A florist I have worked with told me once they were asked to make a huge bunch of ‘sorry’ flowers after a Valentines joke went wrong… She’d asked for flowers for V day and he thought he’d be funny and delivered her a box of various ‘flours’. I mean really that’s Dad joke territory! Needless to say, she didn’t appreciate the joke hence the need for the ‘sorry flowers’ shortly afterwards!

Lesson #4.. Don’t joke… it won’t go down well… trust me!

Enough of what not to do; here is a quick run down of my recommendations of top V day date spots. If you and your date love cheese (I mean who doesn’t?!) then look no further for the perfect V Day date night than the amazing Booking Office at the wonderful St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, their 3 course cheese menu washed down with a chilled glass of bubbly will not disappoint!

If you’re looking for something a bit different then head on down to The Sky Garden for their Valentine’s Day music night and enjoy live music, delicious cocktails the stunning views of the city of London lighting up beneath you! Grab your tickets quick!

If cosying up in the back row of the cinema is more your thing then the Rivoli Ballroom Pop Up cinema is getting involved this Valentines Day and showing the classic, Romeo and Juliet which will be sure to show your romantic side!

Don’t fancy going out? The ever trusty M&S meal deal is back with a £20 valentines day special and not only that they are this year selling a heart shaped ‘love sausage’! True romance!

I hope the above helps you plan what NOT do this coming Valentines day and if you are thinking of popping the big questions on the most romantic day of the year, our good friends at The Proposers are the people to talk to!

What’s your worst Valentine’s day experience?