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Event Planning Checklist to help you stay organised, focused, and on task!

Time and time again, I’m asked, “do you use a checklist to plan events?” and “can you share your event plan?” With so many of you asking, it seemed like a good time to divulge my tried and tested planning secrets.

*Spoiler alert – get your hands on a copy of the Eventify Event Planning Checklist below*…

First things first, here’s why I think an event plan or checklist is a good idea?

Planning an event can feel overwhelming and frustrating at times. However, it can be fun and exciting if you know how to make things easy for yourself. Undoubtedly, the top tip to ensure your event is planned correctly is to create an event planning checklist. Your goal – stay organised, focused, and on task.

? Helps clear your mind

The list of things to consider when planning an event can be endless. Keeping your thoughts, ideas, and tasks in your head is a sure-fire route to stress-ville! Instead, a detailed and well-organised checklist lets you get everything out of your head and into one place.

Step one, brainstorm and write everything that comes to your mind. Next, group tasks together. In my opinion, the perfect checklist groups tasks in order of importance. Also, once you have developed your go-to template, you’re set for life! Cherish and nurture it. Over time, it will grow and evolve, allowing you to tailor it to suit different event types, sizes and styles.

Time management’s best friend

Now that you know the tasks to be completed and in what order, allocate realistic timescales for each. A word to the wise, don’t be blasé at this point. Overestimating time per task is eminently more sensible than not allowing enough time leaving you to rush, work later or put yourself under unnecessary pressure.

For instance, venue finding and liaison are hugely time-consuming. Hop over to our blog How much time does a venue finder save you’. An estimated full-day event for 100 delegates might take a staggering 38 HOURS. The time soon mounts up to source, research, shortlist, site-visit, negotiate and finalise contracts. Then there’s the liaison with the venue with so many unknowns and variables, including catering, scheduling, access before and after the event, parking, accommodation and much more. Sometimes, the most sensible option is to call in the experts and enlist the Eventify venue finders.

  • Better use of your time. Work smarter, not harder
  • Save you money and broker deals
  • Extensive network and insider knowledge
  • Have your best interests at heart, not the venues!
  • Easy to read proposals
  • It’s free! Ergo, a no-brainer

? Keep track of finances

Including finances in your checklist is a smart way to keep track of your event budget. Insert finance estimates or exact numbers, and when you make a payment, check it off and mark it as complete. You can quickly transfer expenses from the checklist if you have a separate accounting sheet because everything is listed and perfectly organised.

?Organise your contacts

An excellent checklist includes tasks that involve communicating with your event contacts. Therefore, it makes sense to list the references and their contact details somewhere within your checklist, saving you time searching for them every time

? Teamwork makes the dream work

A checklist is a tremendous asset if you have colleagues or volunteers helping to plan your event. Everyone keeps up-to-date and knows exactly their tasks and responsibilities. A word of caution, ensure everyone is working from the same master checklist with one central document, rather than multiple versions.

? Last but not least, allows you to enjoy your event!

Believe me, once you have a kick-ass checklist and stick to it, you will feel confident, almost zen-like, that you’ve not mistakenly forgotten something. Your event will run smoothly, guests will have a great time, and you will relax. The peace of mind that a checklist can bring you is priceless.

With over a decade’s experience in organising events under my belt, here are a few things to consider when creating your event checklist:


? Venue Finding

  • Aims and objectives – what is the purpose of your event? What are the main things that you want to achieve?
  • Date of your event, it is fixed? Tip – if you can be flexible, this will help negotiate the best possible deal!
  • Demographics – consider your guests’ age range, gender split and general interests. This can impact venue style choice, food service and entertainment elements of the event.
  • Number of guests – how many people are you going to invite? It’s worth considering if you think everyone will or needs to attend in person. It’s also good to think about the demographic of your guests.
  • Budget – do you have a set budget? Tip – if you’re unsure, look at past event budgets or the venue at which the event was held to get an idea.

? Event Delivery 

  • Agenda – what event content do you need to deliver? Who is responsible for content development? Who will present it and how? Make sure you include appropriate refreshments and comfort breaks to ensure your guests stay engaged.
  • Book your suppliers – who will provide the catering, entertainment, AV, furniture and room dressing? Tip – book suppliers familiar with your chosen venue to ensure seamless service.
  • On the day management – who will manage the event on the day. Consider who will ensure everything sticks to time, and all suppliers deliver what they should and when? You will likely not have time on the day if you are involved in the event programme.
  • No two events are the same, one of the reasons we all love working in the events industry so much. Some of the elements in this blog may not be necessary or relevant for all events, and it is certainly not a definitive list. I could be here all day!

Has that answered your event planning questions? Still unsure? Get your hands on the Eventify Event Checklist with a comprehensive list of pointers to consider when creating your own plan. Simply email enquiries@eventifyuk.com  for your FREE copy. 

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