Leave a FTSE100 Company to set up your own business… Are you mad?

Eventify Event Consultancy Agency

Luckily I wasn’t met with that response too often; however I did find myself asking that very question a number of times when setting up Eventify Ltd.

Sometimes you just have to take that leap of faith… you can’t fail if you don’t try eh? I just kept reminding myself that we won’t fail because I’m blooming good at what I do!

With a passion like mine for the event industry it was time I flew the nest from the comfortable security blanket of employment, pensions and private health care and put my money where my mouth is… quite literally!

In my past life as an event manager I loved getting fully involved in our client’s briefs.  Now I’m my own boss, I don’t have the restrictions of certain venues and the procedural demands of a FTSE100 company so I can let my creative juices flow and get back to what we do best… planning and managing delivering amazing events!

Yes, the insecurity of  being self-employed is daunting but that just makes it all the more important for me to wow my clients and keep them coming back for more… then who needs employment?!

I love what I do and I’m sure you will love Eventify too!

Let Eventify do all the leg work for your next event; get in touch today so I can get planning!