My real-life Elevator Pitch!

elevator pitch

I’m not sure if you’ve gathered yet but I don’t have a particularly ‘corporate’ personality! A shock I know considering my line of work and that the majority of events I plan are corporate! At a recent client meeting I was shyly, but purposefully, walking through security at a very swanky City office when a very charming face stopped to assist me in finding the right lift to go to the floor I needed; very ‘un-London’ considering he even made eye contact! As luck would have it my charming guide was going to the same floor, so we stood in somewhat awkward silence waiting for the lift to approach. I didn’t really know what to say in such a corporate (and quiet!) environment, especially now I’d established where I was I going, and talking about his choice of meal deal lunch didn’t quite seem appropriate… so eyes down and stand in silence was my plan.

My newly acquired companion struck up polite, friendly and non-meal deal related conversation pretty promptly, so somewhat taken aback by his inquisitive nature I stumbled through the basic pleasantries, before we moved into my comfort zone of talking about what I do! Well now try and stop me! I plan amazing parties and yes, you’re right it does sound much more exciting than your meeting! In an amazing turn of events my now captive audience (we’re now in the lift – I haven’t trapped him in an untoward fashion!!) just happened to be swamped in his end of year madness with the added pressure of the end of year party to plan for his entire department. The poor man; you couldn’t stop my suggestions flowing; he politely requested my card (probably just to stop me talking) and promised to contact me the following day with a full brief and budget. 

With the ping of the lift arriving at level 3 my elevator pitch was done, and I had new piece of business in the bag. Walking away rather smugly I was buoyed going into my client meeting and picked up a great event with that client too! All in a day’s work and all that!

Moral of the story… always be friendly to people you meet (whatever the location!) because you never know what may come out of it! It pays to be nice – literally.